BBB - where to get kernel

I’m using BBB with ubuntu Raring image from Kernel is 3.8.13-bone20. I need to compile some kernel modules. Where can I find matching kernel source? Or maybe it’s possible to build these modules on target?
Thanks in advance



Kernel sources are available here:

Thanks Daniel,
in general it works, I was able to replace kernel on my SD card. However I couldn’t enable 2 important for me options:

I’ve added above entries to file arch/arm/configs/beaglebone_defconfig, but when I’m calling command:

*make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi- beaglebone_defconfig -j4*

created file .config is almost exact copy of beaglebone_defconfig but WITHOUT CONFIG_TRACING and CONFIG_GENERIC_TRACER. In result I can’t build gator module for ARM streamline:
gator_main.c:36:2: error: #error gator requires the kernel to have CONFIG_GENERIC_TRACER or CONFIG_TRACING defined
#error gator requires the kernel to have CONFIG_GENERIC_TRACER or CONFIG_TRACING defined

Of course I can remove line responsible for that error in gator_main.c but when I’m trying to use it, it doesn’t work because tracing is not enabled in built kernel.
Any idea what is wrong here?

W dniu sobota, 10 sierpnia 2013 16:35:52 UTC+2 użytkownik Daniel Nilsson napisał:

In order to manually modify the kernel config file you’d need to know all dependencies, which is not that easy. Use the built in support in the kernel for editing the configuration, i.e. menuconfig for example. This is documented in numerous places.

Thanks Daniel, once again.
You was right, CONFIG_TRACING is not set directly, but needs a few other symbols to be enabled first. Menuconfig showed me list of required symbols.


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