BBB with 3.14 + LCD 4Dsytem-43T

I use tutorial fot installing 3.14, u-boot, etc… + debian barefs by Robert Nelson.
I’ve 4Dcape 43-T, but doesnt work…it is always black, no boot logo, no console
led’s is power on.

i test with minfs, but same result’s
i test with rootfs with 3.8, and it works well

how i enable LCD cape with barefs or minfs ?


if i use “debian-7.5-console…” with 3.8, lcd works well
after I install 3.14 with this script ( install-me) on Robert nelson:
when i reboot with 3.14…LCD stop and always BLACK

is it problem about 3.14 kernel ?


I wouldn't call it a problem. Just not a feature of the v3.14.x based
kernel yet.