BBB with 3.8.x: eth0 won't come back without reboot. Anyone else?

Summary: If I take down eth0 (ifconfig eth0 down), it doesn’t work again until after a reboot (hard or soft).

Details: “ifconfig up” appears happy. But, the 'Bone doesn’t see rx traffic. Eg, if I do dhcp, Wireshark shows both DISCOVER sent and OFFER received. But it does not reply to the OFFER. Or to any ARPs for the address it thinks it has, or to anything else. As if it doesn’t see any incoming traffic. AND TX and RX counters shown by ifconfig are frozen (even though it can actually transmit, eg DISCOVER, and it should be seeing plenty of broadcast traffic) . phy LEDs are still on (yellow and green - green is mostly solid and blinks off for packets, is that backwards?) .

This is reproducible across

  • Two Beaglebone Black specimens (both A5A)
  • Three Linux loads (The Angstrom with 3.8.11 it shipped with, newer image from Angstrom demo loads (2013-06-06, with 3.8.13), and 3.8.13-based Debian “Jessie” demo)
  • Two power supplies (5V1A or USB)
  • different utilities for controlling eth0 (ifup / ifdown, ifconfig, /etc/init.d/network restart (Debian only), etc.)

dmesg and console output are posted on this thread:!searchin/beagleboard/adeney/beagleboard/mfQwHdfHyoo/D2y_zzAOLh4J

(I posted there first because many aspects of the behavior match, but that one is filed under “expert/hardware”, a poor fit for “me/thisProblem” so reposting here with apologies for the repetition!)

Works fine on BB white, and I see no h/w changes in this area.

I would like to know if

a) anyone else can reproduce this?
b) if not, ie if you CAN “down” and then “up” eth0 with any method, and after that successfully do, eg “udhcp -i eth0” , (or ping or anything else with 2-way traffic), then I’d love to know your setup so I can copy it …


Same problem here. eth0 stays down (no IP), whereas usb0 comes back up and running.

We have Debian(Wheezy ) running on two BBB’s, and the one I use primarily stays up for days ( read best uptime I have so far is around 8 days ) with ssh opened the whole time. No such problems.

You may want to test your cables. and routers. Perhaps even troubleshooting your network. That does not sound like a hardware issue. Considering you also have two exibiting the same issues.