BBB with chrony and RTC

I am running debian 3.8.13-bone47 on Beaglebone black and have a RTC cape up and running (/dev/rtc1) together with chrony 1.24

If I manually run chronyd -s then it does load time from /dev/rtc1

I am wanting to be able to call trimrtc using chronyc and have inserted rtcfile and rtcdevice into /etc/chrony/chrony.conf

rtcfile /var/lib/chrony/chrony.rtc
rtcdevice /dev/rtc1


If I don’t insert rtcfile then when running trimrtc in chronyc I get error of no RTC driver found. If I include the rtcfile, then I get message of OK when running trimrtc but rtcfile is not read.

Looking at syslog, if I include rtcfile in chrony.conf then I get an error “Could not start measurement : Invalid argument” but doesn’t say due to what. I I comment out declaration of rtcfile then I get no errors when starting chronyd but trimrtc fails with error message of RTC driver not found.

Has anyone gotten chrony to work on BBB running debian and able to access/trim RTC?


Hi Colin,

Same problem here.

I’m trying to successfully used chronyd , gpsd with debian to setup the hwclock and sysclock upon each powerup since my BBB will never be connected to a LAN and access NTP servers. So far, setting up gpsd with a Garmin GPS is fine. But chrony never updates the rtc or the sysclock.

Would be glad to figure out a way to do this :slight_smile: