BBB with Parallax Altimeter

I bought a Parallax altimeter (MS5607) and cannot detect it using “i2cdetect -y -r 1” on the BBB.

I called Parallax, and they said you don’t necessarily need to detect it, as long as you know the address, which is 0x76.

I tried using this wrapper written for RPi, but I don’t have quick2wire. Any experience installing it?

I then tried to write some simple code, to make the call. Here is the code:

from Adafruit_I2C import Adafruit_I2C as i2c

from time import sleep

sensor = i2c(0x77)

_CMD_ADC_4096 = 0x08 # end bit

_CMD_ADC_D1 = 0x00 #pressure

_CMD_ADC_D2 = 0x10 #temperature

val = sensor.readU8(0x00|0x08)

val2 = sensor.readS8(0x00|0x08)

print val, val2

This is the response:

Error accessing 0x77: Check your I2C address

Error accessing 0x77: Check your I2C address

-1 -1

The response is the same when using 0x76

Am I supposed to modify a line in Adafruit_I2C? Should this work if i2cdetect does not find 0x76? Is the sensor defective?

Thanks! (sorry if this is a repost)