BBB with ROS Training Class February 15th -- Mountain View, CA

Hello Everyone,
Saturday February 15th 9:30 am to 1:30+
Located in Mountain View, CA at the Hackers Dojo Classroom

We are presenting a Full Day Seminar on how to get started with ROS on a Beagle Bone Black (BBB). You will leave with a working motor controller fully controlled via ROS and learn step by step the process for wiring ROS into BBB and about $18 of hardware including a SDcard and a 2 Channel Motor Controller board.
Details at ROS-Training">

Registration are available at"

$65 without a BBB, $125 with a BBB,

We look forward to seeing you there. Please feel free to give us feedback and how we can improve these offerings.

Greg Maxwell

Hi Greg,

What are the pre-requisites to attend this course ?


Hi Greg,

Is there more training days like this planned in later months ?do you have a schedule I would be very interested in knowing when the next training day is out side of feb and march .