BBB Won't Power Up

I did this setup with an LED strip, MOSFETs, and a separate 12V power supply:
See 5 posts down of a picture.

This setup has apparently fried 2 of my Beaglebones.
I tested the gate pins on the MOSFETs (which were the only thing connected to the Bone) and they were only reading about 200mA.

The Adafruit customer support says they don’t think this would be capable of frying the board.

I’ve been searching trying to see if somehow this tripped a fuse or something on the Bone.

One of my Bones the power light comes on, but it won’t boot (Rev B). On the other (Rev C), the power light flickers and then goes off and nothing happens.

Any ideas?

You are most likely correct. I would a schematic to be sure, but you most likely fried it with the word 12V on that page.


you cannot drive a mosfet with a BBB IO pin
they make Fet drivers to do the heavy lifting
a gate on a mosfet can take a lot of current to make it work

just an example driver there are a lot more of them Microchip TC1410