BBB won't start or flash, only power LED is on


I got my element14 BBB yesterday and immediately started playing with it, configuring it for running SuperCollider on debian. Everything worked well, I flashed the eMMC with the newest debian image, configured, compiled, realized SuperCollider didn’t work on that version so I flashed it back to debian 7.4.

Because I had some problems getting the internet over USB to work properly I inserted an ethernet cable which solved the internet problem, but after a while all four user leds started blinking in the same heartbeat pattern and I suspected something was wrong. I thought that maybe the ethernet port required more current so I plugged in a 5V@4A adapter (in addition to the USB). That didn’t help so I decided to restart, shutting down the board via ssh with “sudo shutdown -h now”. Since then it won’t start.

Flashing the eMMC doesn’t work, the user leds seem completely dead. The power led is glowing consistently. Pressing the power button does nothing and holding it down eventually makes the power led blink once. The reset button does nothing.

Is my BBB fried? What can I do?