BBB xylotex bbb_db25 cape to control a probotix V90

Hi BeagleBoard group members.
I have a Fireball V90 (PBX RF breakout) that I purchased a couple of years ago. I built the kit, got it running with an old windows box and then got hired and let it sit. I made a stab at replacing the failing windows box with a beaglebone black and xylotex bbb_db25 cape. Now, I’d like to interface the V90 and the xylotex bbb_db25 cape and was wondering if there was someone else who has used this setup and posted something on the web. So far my Google searches come up empty.

I have experience in 3d printing and electronics and am comfortable with Linux. I am also planning to take a CNC course at our local community college this spring since I am new to CNC. So, my question to the group is has anyone heard of driving this system with a Beaglebone black and xylotex bbb_db25 cape? If not, I would probably try to incorporate the information in the emc2 config files into Linux_CNC. Can anyone give me some heads up on how to check the pins from the bbb_db25 cape for correct signals before I connect to the PBX RF breakout V90 control board?
Thanks for any thoughts you guys might have.

There are example configurations for the Probotix Comet (which should be
similar to your FireBall 90) and the Xylotex in the Machinekit repo:

The Comet configuration is setup for the Probotix cape, and the Xylotex
config targets a generic 4-axis machine.

I recommend you install Machinekit from packages:

...then start with whichever example configuration is closest to what
you're wanting and modify it as needed to work with your machine. If
you need further help, it's probably better to ask on the Machinekit group:!forum/machinekit