BBBAndroid Wifi issues

Hi all,

I am using a BBB running BBBAndroid in a prototyping project. I have built BBBAndroid and made the changes suggested by Keith Conger in an earlier post (!searchin/beagleboard/wifi/beagleboard/tHXTzJhH_Qc/1dIcYqFlj5gJ).

On the surface everything seems to be working as I can enable/disable wifi and see all networks. However, when I try to connect to a network. the status goes from ‘Connecting’ to ‘Obtaining IP address’ and gets stuck there for a while. It then goes back and forth between the two statuses indefinitely.

I am using a Plugable USB adapter based on the RTL8188CU(S) chipset (

Has anyone else experienced something similar?


Hi Nicklas,

Try adding “ap_scan=1” to the bottom of your wpa_supllicant.conf. Also until Andrew has time to merge my changes. You can get them from I also have a build posted.


Thanks Keith,

Tried that, and also built BBBAndroid from your manifest over the weekend but still have the same issues.

What brand/model wifi adapter are you using? Starting to think it might be a h/w issue…


Sorry for the delay. The two devices I tested were both rtl8192cu devices. I’m currently using this BT/Wifi combo device:


I should also mention you may need to adjust the kernel modules loaded in your init..rc file for your device.