BBBDesk [GSoC Project Idea]

@ka6sox : As discussed in the IRC


My project ideas seems to be quite different from the ones mentioned here. I am not quite sure if it fits in fine, but I do not want to miss the opportunity, so I will propose it anyway

What I intend to do (Overview):

Integrate BBB in a study desk to develop a learning system for kids. With computers crossing all measures of complexity, there is little in it for an inquisitive kid to connect to. Capitalising on the easy-to-hack-nature of the BBB, I want to develop a computer system which a kid can truly call his own and which provides parents with a good alternative for buying as the first computer for their kids

What it actually entails:

Two major things:

  1. Developing a step-by-step tutorial on the pre-installed angstrom linux for setting up the whole desk, which involves
    a) porting an image of android on the board
    b) Interfacing the LCD screen/DVI - D cape, WiFi dongle etc. with the board

That is an afternoon project. Android already runs on all the boards.

Nothing gives a better feeling of belonging towards your machine than building the machine yourself!

  1. Developing an ecosystem of applications for the device which can be used for elearning by the kid. I see a huge potential in this ecosystem in terms of open-source contribution. I perceive such a system to be on the cloud where the applications can be uploaded by developers around the world, for use by school going kids. The project involves developing a base of applications like calculators, graph plotters, dictionary, etc. so that other developers can add to it later on.

I think you’d need to be more specific about the applications you’d create.