BBBlue doesn't power-up, led 0 blink. How can I reload a debian image ?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on the beagleBone since couple of month and I can’t find any reasons why all of my beaglebone stay stuck at boot time.

Here is a video of the beagleBone when it try to start :

After this nothing happen I can’t communicate with the board, neither the ssh work nor the computer recognize the board.

Do you have any idea what happens ? ((I’m running the same code every time and it’s only after couple of month that it’s start to doing this)

How can I flash a new debian image ? (When I load a new image of debian and I plug it to the board nothing happen. When I getting a nice EMMC configuration with an avalable beaglebone runing /opt/scripts/tools/eMMC/ nothing happen …

Thanks a lot fore your help !!!