BBBlue Ethernet?

Hello! Really like the specs of this product. Are there any plans in the future to have a wired Ethernet version? Or has anyone tested Ethernet over USB with this board? If not, I guess I could hijack one of the SPI ports for Ethernet communication.

No idea how many USB ports are on the blue, as I havent looked. But if
there's an extra, why not just buy a USB<-> ethernet adapter ?

Ben well:

BeagleBone Black + RoboticCape!board-default

@James, the normal RoboticCape is still planned right? Order Now
doesn't show anything..


Hi Robert,

Robotics cape is still planned, We’re waiting on Element 14 and Beagleboard to start stocking shelves.

Christi, any updates from E14?


They sent another edit to our agreement. I’ll forward tomorrow morning.

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