BBBlue: How to read analog (ADC) inputs?

I’ve read multiple articles showing ways to read the analog inputs on regular (BeagleBone Black) models, similar to what’s described in this article:

But on my BeagleBone Blue, it appears none of these directories exist. Does anyone know of a simple & correct way to read in the analog inputs (or even the regular gpio input/outputs) on the BeagleBone Blue? Seems like there should be a similar way to read/write some system files to access the inputs/outputs?

Any help is greatly appreciated,

Currently on the Blue, the ADC is tied up by the Robotics Library.

That library needs to be ported from mmap'ing the adc directly to iio..


@JasonKridner is this something that we can expect in the near future ?

That would really make thing simpler, we have request on the AruPilot side as well to integrate the Battery Monitoring to make the BBBlue a better Flight Controler.