BBGv1 USB "Gadget" Ethernet? Windows 10 & Linux Mint


New to this forum, but not new to the BBB or BBG as a user (not as a developer). I mostly run other people’s programs on it.

But today, I’m searching for a good yet simple way to get to the Linux Debian “console” so that I can control it. In previous circumstances, I’d connect a physical Ethernet cable, and do SSH to log in using the IP Address my router assigns to the BBB/BBG. In other instances, I use a usb-ftdi tool connected directly to the 5-pin J1. That also works marvelously.

But there are times when neither of those options are available or feasible, and I heard that you could get to the console using USB “Gadget” Ethernet over the micro USB port on the bottom of the board. Is this true?

I’m referencing

as a guide, but I don’t get any RNDIS device popping up when I plug in the USB cable to my Win 10 PC.

So I don’t know where to go next with that to get it to configure or work.

I’ve also tried this with Linux Mint, and I get a popup error saying “network cannot be established”, but I don’t know what Linux commands to try other than ifconfig to see if it’s there, and it isn’t.

I see my question is most similar to the existing thread

Which is a thread from 12 years ago, and while similar, it doesn’t seem like there was any conclusion to that thread, so I thought it appropriate to start a new one and reference that old incomplete one.

Really appreciate any help, and thank you all!!!


Hi @ForgottenMachines , Microsoft has moved the goal posts with RNDIS over the years…

Just grab the latest snapshot, to get a working RNDIS setup…