BCC Capes PCB's.

Hi Folks,

I've just ordered 50 pces of the BCC FPGA Cape that Eric Brombaugh designed. The project web site is at


Its a Spartan 3A on a PCB with some headers. The Chip is a TQFP so it is quite solderable by hand.

20 of the 30 pcbs are spoken for. The rest are up to grabs to who ever wants them. The price will be $12 each + freight/postage Payment by paypal.

We looked at several options and this one was the one that had good support and was also ready to go.

Production of the PCB's will be about 2 weeks away.

FYI, the BOM for the parts will cost about $30 from mouser/digikey, but you might have of the parts lying around. Thats not something we'll do, but i will make a BOM, you can use at Mouser, to order yours.




Maybe sometime in the future we might do another PCB with a bigger FPGA on it, but this is a good place to start for many folks ( like me ) who have never played with FPGA's before.

I'm often in the #beagle irc channel as mrpackethead if you want to chat.

Kind Regards..


Why don’t you sell as mounted?