BCC FPGA Cape PCB Interest for Co-op buy Interest.

I am contemplating getting some BCC FPGA Cape PCB's made. This is emeb_mac's.


Approximate costs are 100 off 6.50, 50 off $10.48, 20 off $21.00

Is there anyone out there who would be interested in co-op buying a bunch of them.?

They look like a really interesting way to learn about FPGA's.

If your interested let us know.

If you’ll hold off just a bit there’s a spartan 6 fpga cape in the works with working hardware boards in the wild and a group is working hard to get it added to the normal beagle distribution channels.

Eric Fort

It would be more useful if it included a RAM chip. It won't add much to the cost.


I need this board for my master thesis.


you mean you started your thesis hoping somehow a matching board would appear at the right time?

How did you ever get into the Masters program ??


Behalf Of Vladimir Pantelic

I will work about acoustic camera. And I want to practice with this board. I have used beaglebone for a few projects and can use power of fpga with beaglebone.

For such task Beagleboard XM may be a better match. The processor has
a built in DSP core, what will help you with processing.


Eric, have you got a link to this thing? I dont’ really want to be waiting for many many more weeks… My Student Engineer has just started holidays, and i want to keep him busy on this. If in a few months theres a new one, its no big deal… Maybe i’ll just get a couple made for the time being…

If you do go for a group buy, I would be interested.