Beaglboard interfacing with Sharp TFT to play MPEG4 Video

Hi Folks,

  I have a need to play an MPEG4 Video from an MMC card plugged into a
Beagleboard connected to a 15" 1024 x 768 TFT Display.

The Display is a Sharp LQ150X1LW71N

1) Is it possible to directly Interface this specific Display with a
Beagleboard ?

2) If not, what would it take to interface it in terms of external
h/ LVDS drivers etc ?

3) Will the beagleboard drive this display at it's Full Resolution ?
and at what Frame rate ?

4) Is there a suitable ( correct resolution ) MPEG4 Codec
implementation for the c64x+ core to decode the compressed file for Display
at that rate ( eg 30fps 1024 x 768 ) ???

5) .or would DM355 DaVinci be a more appropriate option ??

Thanks & Best Regards, Mike Williams

The short answer is I don’t know. This is LVDS and Beagle is panel link (DVI-D). If Sharp says the are compatible with panel link then it should be doable. You might check withe TFP510 folks at TI and see what they have to say.

If it cannot handle panel link, then you will need to decode it back to native RGB interface with an DVI-D receiver and then encode it back into LVDS.

1024 x 768 is not an issue and it will easily handle this at 30FPS.

As to the MPEG decode, I don’t know for sure what is currently available for Beagle as it relates ot the resolution. I will leave that to some of the folks in the community to answer.


It depends what code you use, but, in general, 1024x768 MPEG4 at 30fps should not be problem for either the DSP or the ARM.