Beaglboard -xm Expansion V2 [Chipsee] regd.


I am gokul from chennai working as a software engineer.
I have bought Beaglboard -xm Expansion V2 from chipsee.

I have downloaded prebuilt images and source of android from

I have succesfully ported the prebuilt image of Android 2.3 to beagleboard-xm and got the output on the DVI monitor.

Please brief me on the steps to make the touchscreen of the expansion board working.

Thanking you and waiting for your reply.

You will get drivers(Linux kernel ) in CD along with Expansion board. Compile same kernel and port it on Beagleboard. It will work.


Sorry, the drivers CD is missing…
Is there anyone who has bought the same expansion board so that you could upload the android image and i could download it…

thanks in advance…