Beagle and HDTV and Android

I have a rev. C Beagle Board and a LG 32' HDTV.
When i first tried to connect the Beagle Board to the TV i tried to
use HD Resolutions:
1280x720MR-24@60 with DSS2
720p@50 with DSS1
720p@60 with DSS1

and nothing worked!

But i tried 1280x768MR-24@60(DSS2) it worked!
So i could start Angstrom with my HDTV!

But when i wanted to start Android i saw that it use the old DSS1
driver which is not working with my LCD-TV.

Can i use the DSS2 Resolution settings in DSS1 or can i use DSS2 with

The OMAP kernel recently added to mostly works with BeagleBoard, and already has DSS2.

The EHCI USB port does not work with BeagleBoard, but can be patched to work. Also it doesn't look like ALSA sound support for Beagle is there.


Where i can change/add resolutions or timing in DSS2?

Not sure about the latter two but most tv's seem not to support the
reduced timing of the first res.
OE 2.6.29 has support for 720p. It is either called 720hd or hd720 (I
forgot, but guess the first). Also I had to patch two lines,
presumably to get the proper sync. There are several threads of this
in the archive.