Beagle-based development

Um… scratch the bit about the memory. I just noticed that isn’t a separate part. (Is there somewhere there was supposed to be external RAM connected to the DM3730, but that didn’t work out?)

The DDR is soldered on top using package-on-package technology.


I have a design where DM3730 and MT46H64M32 work together smoothly! Another board with DM3730 works with two memory chips x16 making 32bit memory width for 512MB. Any questions or problems - feel free to ask!


Ahh! OK; somehow I missed that. Thank you!

It’s good to know that it would be possible to get the MT46H64M32 working with the DM3730; that’ll make sourcing the memory much easier.


I wrote you the same part number you have referenced in the Digikey inventory. Anyway you can easily get Micron lpDDR in VFBGA packages and don’t need to deal with headache for PoP chips. Don’t forget that you have to use a processor with the CUS package and there are a few differences in the CPU pin-out between CBP and CUS.

Also you need to know that MT46H64M3LFxx chips are 2Gb maximum, so only 256MB of RAM is achievable. If you need more you need either use two x32 chips utilizing two CSx or use two x16 chips with CS0. I used two x16 chips with CS0. Please see the picture URL:

The 2Gb should be enough for my purposes for now, but I may want to expand that in the future, so thanks for the tip!

So… I’m still looking to verify that commercial products based on Beagle designs are tolerated to some extent.