Beagle board 3.5" LCD

Hello all,

     i'm using beagleboard REV C5. i have 3.5 " LCTH320240M35W TFT
LCD. i'm using 2.6.37 kernel. Can anyone please help me to configure
beagle board for the 3.5" lcd.

Thank you

Is there any one to help? i would like to display console on lcd.
Please help.

What actions have you already attempted to get them connected? Whats
your techinical back ground with linux and the beagleboard? Why shall
i throw you a life preserver(help) if your not going to atleast show
the effort that your in trouble? -just an analogy to r ember when
asking questions. I'd be happy to help and im sure others would too we
just need a wee bit info from you. Thanks mate! Happy new years!

Can you send me the schematic of your interface board that you are using to connect the LCD to the Beagle?