Beagle Board and TI DSK


Few questions on Beagle Board:
1. Can I connect an ADC to beagle board and display sampled data on
monitor/screen? If so, what ADC board are compatible with beagle board
2. Any DAC cards that go with beagle board?
3. I learnt from TI community that I can connect TI DSK with few ADC
and DAC EVMs using 5-6k interface card. Can use this setup to exchange
data between Beagle board and DSK?

Thank you for the help.


First, you need to specify which BeagleBoard you are inquiring about. The -xM has access to an ADC from the expansion connectors. The Rev C4 has an A/D called a line input suitable for analog frequencies in the audio range.
Second, you need to specify the acquisition rate your are looking for.
Third, you need to indicate the resolution that you are looking for.

There are no DAC card per se for the BeagleBoard. There are boards out there that may have that capability, but there are none that are classified as A/D cards.

There are I2C ports and SPI ports that can be used to connect a lot of different A/D devices, depending on your needs. This will require that you design a board to make this happen.

If you can provide details on the EVMs you are inquiring about, we may be able to determine if those cards are compatible with the BeagleBoard. In most cases, the EVMs are not 1.8V as is required by the BeagleBoard. I am not exactly sure what the 5-6K interface that you are referring to.

I hope this helps!


Hello Gerald,

Thank you for the quick response. That was some valuable information.
Here are some more details of what I am looking at.

I am looking at BeagleBoard-xM. The audio line on Rev. C4 will not be
enough for my application.

Sampling rate: I am looking at ADCs with at least 200ksps or more and
2-4 channels.
Bits: I have still figuring out the number of bits that my project
would require. But anywhere from 12-16 bits should work (I think...)
Input Voltage: The desired input voltage range is 0 - 10v. But this
can be adjusted to 0-5v (to begin with).

Here are the references to the boards I am talking about: (These are
the boards that can go with TI DSK 6713)

5-6k interface card: This can be used to interface ADC EVMs with TI
DSK 6713

I need to connect one ADC (multiple channels) and one DAC (multiple
channels) to the system. If the -xM does not support interfacing these
(or any other) cards then can I connect them to TI DSK 6713 (6416) and
then talk to -xM with DSK? Th idea is to collect data using ADCs and
display it on monitor/screen, DACs will be used to provide voltage
based on input signal.

Again, thanks for all the guidance.