Beagle Board Black tool chain linux (32 bit)

I am running OpenSuse 13.1 on a 32bit dell laptop. A couple days ago someone posted a link on this group to a location where the pre-built tool chains could be found. It seems there is a problem because it only ever downloads 130 of 134 MiB. To get around it I built the tool chain from scratch. 12 hours later I ended up with a .sh (236 MiB) file that when run bombs out on a parameter of ‘find’ it being ‘-perm +111’. Trying to fix the script I changed it to ‘-perm /111’ but it does not seem to be the same and ‘+’ was removed in 2005 according to the man page.

Question: Any suggestions as to what can be done to fix the install script? Or does anyone know of a location where I can download the complete pre-built tool chain?

Dan Metcalf - KB3UUN