Beagle board is not displaying anything on minicom

Hi all,

Iam working on RevC4 board.. I am trying to interface the I2C based
keypad with board by using I2C-2 connections 23 and 24 pins of
expansion board.. before interfacing the circuit, board is working
fine.. but after interfacing with the board ... it suddenly stopped
working.. It is not giving any thing on the minicom.. when I observed
on the board only power led is on.. remaining serial and usr leds are
not glowing ..
If any body knows the solution for this problem please let me know..


You may have blown the board up if you did not properly interface to the board via the expansion connector or if you shorted something out… Or you could have simply trashed the NAND. It is hard to say based on your description which is only the result, not the cause.

You can try reflashing the NAND and see if that works,

You can also check the TPS65950 and the processor. If they are getting real hot, then you may have blown the board.


Hi gerald,
Thanks for the reply... Nothing has blown on the board and processor
or any thing not getting hot.. Nothing displaying on the minicom on
the board led beside the serial port is not glowing, i feel is it
problem with serial port?

The LEDs will work if it boots. So from what you describe, it is not booting. If you hold the user button down and press and release reset, you should get a few weird characters for the serial port. It sill not boot however unless you have an SD card inserted with bootable SW…