Beagle Board login not showing up


I am building my kernel 2.6.37 which i have taken from the git
linux-omap-2.6. am able to configure and build the kernel and create
the uImage

I then copy the uImage to the fat partition of mmc and currently i
have nothing on
the second partition of the mmc card..

i then insert the card into beagle board slot and start the power
i am getting all initial boot messages and the kernel also boots file
and displays done booting kernel and it stops there i see no
login prompt

i think as i have no root file system as of now the beagle login
prompt is not coming. is the problem dependent on the foot file system
if yes then where do i get the filesystem or build one and how to
build it..

Search the archives of this list, there has been a lot of chatter about the ttyO2 and power changes this week

I may have had this problem. For me the issue was that /etc/inittab did
not start agetty on /dev/ttyO2 (it would bitch about it constantly
respawning on ttyS...)

Once I made the change to inittab I also had an issue with logging in as
root. I had to make an ordinary user and log in as him and then su to
root. I guess because the system prevented root logins on non-console
terminals somewhere and it does not yet believe that ttyO2 is a console.