Beagle Board logo does not display

I am new to Beagle Board. I am not able to see the Beagle board logo
on DVI-D LCD screen? The power light is orange on LCD. I tried another
Beagle board and it works fine. Does anyone has idea what might be the

There are two possible scenarios:

  1. The NAND has been trashed and the board i sno longer able to boot up under UBoot. This requires that the board be re-flashed.

  2. Did you plug in the DVI cable with the beagle powered up? If so, you may have damaged one of the lines on the DVI interface. We have seen that while the signal is still there, on some monitors if the signal level is a little low, it won’t pick it up. The only solution is to see if you can get it repaired by requesting an RMA.


Thanks Gerald for you help, it works now on trying the 1st option.

Glad you were able to get it working!