Beagle Board outdoors?

I've got a project in the works that will require I run the Beagle
Board outdoors. Any advice for what I need to do to weather proof it?

I'm thinking a weather tight enclosure, for starters. I've seen
mention of some sort of spray on seal for electronics to fight

I welcome any and all thoughts on this.



A very large plastic bag might work. It really depends on what your specifications are, as in temperature and humidity ranges. Condensation is a big issue in the outdoors. Now, there are off the shelf NEMA cases that are sealed and made for outdoors usage. You might start there.


I’ve also got an outdoor application. I want to run a BBG mounted to the outside of my house.

Did you find any good solution for this?


Put it in a watertight box. Google NEMA boxes.


Put it in a watertight NEMA box, but always make sure there is a ‘weep hole’ in the bottom of the box.
Otherwise the humidity inside the box when you closed it will condense out on the components when the temperature drops.

The ‘weep hole’ needs to be big enough to let humidity equalize between the inside and out side, small enough to not let insects get inside, and somewhere in the central bottom where rain will never hit the hole.

— Graham

Special Computing has various BBB clones for Industrial temp (-40 to 85 deg C)

We use boxes from Polycase for some of our projects.
They have a family of Nema boxes that should be suited, with a little work, to using with the BBB.
Look here:


Or if your sure the box is sealed and there is no chance of water
getting in use some silica jell in the little pouches that will absorb
all the moisture that is in the box.

The problem is, that if it is not perfectly airtight, then the next time you open it, you find the little silica gel packets floating in a puddle of water. :slight_smile:

If it is not perfectly airtight, then every time it rains, or a cold front passes, the box cools and it sucks in a little wet air (or rain). If the leak is not at the bottom of the box, then the condensation builds up as water there. It takes a year or so.

It is easier to drill a little 2 or 3 mm hole in the center of the bottom of the box, than to make something perfectly airtight. Particularly if you have wires going into and out of the box.

— Graham