Beagle Board Rev C and Android

I'm desperate for some help!

I understand that the downloadable Embinux Android binary for the
Beagle Board has only been validated for Rev B and may not work on Rev

I'll describe what I have done thus far. I am working on a Ubuntu 9.04

So basically, I followed the Embinux guide here:

The "Download Android Build" section was straightforward enough, and I
had no problems completing the build.

The "Compile Kernel" section was a bit lacking on the details, and
after much struggle, I finally figured it out.

1.) Downloaded arm-none-linux-gnueabi toolchain from (select ARM
GNU/Linux, IA32 GNU/Linux)
2.) Extracted arm-2007q3-51-arm-none-linux-gnueabi-i686-pc-linux-
gnu.tar.bz2 to /home/<user>/bin
3.) $ export $CC_PATH=/home/<user>/bin/arm-2007q3/bin/arm-none-linux-
4.) $ cd ~/beagledroid/kernel
5.) ../vendor/embinux/support-tools/

Note - If in the first section, it says to make the specific directory
beagledroid, so why in the second section does it say <Android_Build>
instead of beagledroid? Or are those not supposed to be the same?

I followed the instructions from the following to create a dual-
partition SD card:

I copied uImage from ~/beagledroid/kernel/arch/arm/boot/ to the first
partition of the SD card.

I followed the "Root file System of Android" and "Ownership &
Permissions" sections and then copied the files from ~/Android_RFS to
the second partition of the SD card.

I had to do the following before I was able to copy the filesystem
onto the 2nd partition:
$ chown -R <user> <2nd Partition>

After that, I did a chown back to root:
$ chown -R root <2nd Partition>

Am I supposed to do anything with the "Key Mapping" section?

Where are the commands in the "Booting Android on board" section
supposed to be executed? Is that on my Ubuntu box, or is that on
Android after it has booted on the Beagle Board?

Basically, this is what I get when trying to boot up from the SD card
on the Beagle Board:

download the current ANDROID.tar.bz2 tarball (from the same URL as
what you got when you first registered). the new images will boot.
more on android shortly.