Beagle Board Wiki?

I've been browsing the message board here while I wait for my Beagle
Board to arrive and one things that stands out to me is that there
doesn't seem to be a universally editable wiki to catalog and organize
much of the information being distributed here. For example, which
USB Wifi devices are confirmed to work.

If there is interest, I could host a dedicated Beagle Board wiki where
anybody can edit & update it.

A lot of the most useful information gets put on the BeagleBoard
eLinux wiki or on the community FAQ I believe anyone can set up a login
and edit them. can also be edited by anyone using an OpenID or by
submitting patches to this mailing list. The site is managed using
the GIT version control tool. The repository is on
and is called ''. Put a "/w/" between those two to
visit the repository gitweb page that includes the clone URLs.

Sorry for the complexity, but I'm looking for editors with a certain
set of skills. The website is coded in XML/HTML and JavaScript using
Helma, so I expect it to be relatively easy to learn.

For every-day information, I agree that
is the way to go.