Beagle Board X-15 Restore OS

I have a Beagle Board X-15.

I attempted to load Java on it, and ran out of space. I read blogs, and followed an attempt to remove Java; but ended up with a beagle board that only shows a blinking cursor on the terminal screen (and nothing more).

I would like to load a new image on the Beagle Board X-15, and start over. I found this page:

I clicked on the link for the X-15 (to load on my micro-SD card). But the link returns a 404 error.

I’m also not sure how to put the new image on the board, since it doesn’t seem to have a button to hold down (like the beagle bone black does).

Does anyone have experience with installing a new image on the X-15? Thanks,


use to write to a microSD..


Thanks so much Robert! That worked like a charm, and those were easy to follow instructions.
I got the OS restored!