beagle board XM processor

salmo allikm warhmat allah wabrakato

i am sorry but i need simple information about beagle board xm
processor because the data sheet for processor complex

-does beagle board have 3 processors or one DM3730 with three
functions(dsp +the function of arm cortex A8+sgx)
-another question i don't understand this point because in
why developer of beagle board not use" ARM CORTEX A5 "that has dsp
instead of use ARM CORTEX A8 and add for it dsp and both of cortex A
for application
if what i understand wrong can tell me because i need to understand
this part

also i want to know the scenario how the processor know that it dsp
part how it works?

another point i want to understand the benefits of SGX i know this for
graphical like VGA card ??? i didn't find details about it .
thanks so much
sorry again

It has one SOC (System on a Chip) called the DM3730 comprised of an ARM Cortex A8, SGX Graphics processor, and a C6x DSp on the same chip. So, there is only one processor physically on the board in the form of one chip.You can see this in the block diagram in the Beagle System Reference Manual.

A developer is free to use what ever they like. The Cortex A8 is the more powerful device. If other versions of the Cortex family is sufficient, then there may be other choices that will work for the developer depending on their individual needs.

The DSP i socntroled by the ARM procesor and runs indepndently executing code in its own memory space. The SGX works in a similar manner.

VGA is 640x480. The DM3730 can support HD or even 1024x768. If you are referring to the physical standard of VGA which is a 15 pin connector, then it can support that with the appropriator Hardware, or in the case of the BeagleBoard-xM with a DVI-D output. It depends on the specific needs.

If I might suggest, you can read more on the board by looking at the System Reference Manual for the board.