beagle Board

Please send me the price information of Beagle board series and its accessories. I want to purchase from your side for selling purpose in Pakistan. I have two retail outlets and online shop as well. I supply electronics components, modules, Lab Trainer boards and other relevant parts for engineering universities in Pakistan. If you have any distributor for your products in Pakistan please send me their address or contact information. waiting for your reply.
best regards

Asif Malik

ELAB Pakistan
B-386, Ashraf Nagar Nazimabad # 5.
Karachi - 74600.
Phone : 009221 36619174
Cell : 0092321 3774191

You are not asking the right question. You should be asking those that live in Pakistan and that have purchased the boards, where they bough them from and what their experience was. We have no distributors in Pakistan. This means you have to buy them form one of the other distributors. Which one? That is the reason for the question.