Beagle Bone Black 24-Bit LCD_DATA?

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a display that I would like to use with my Beagle Bone Black.

I understand that the BBB can be configured to use 24-bit color via the LCD_DATA lines using custom overlays. I have no need for PWM or Backlight support, since I will be using an external board for this.

Is there a simple overlay for only 24-bit LCD_DATA?



I use a Seeed-Studio LCD Cape. What LCD Display are you using?


P.S. There are many Capes for LCD displays and some of them are fairly inexpensive. My Cape took some working on but it is resistive touch and works now. Hey! If you want, I will pitch in and help but I may have limited knowledge until I get the datasheet for your display.

Hello Again,

Seth here. Look here like rcn suggested. There are many LCD overlays:

Get the datasheet of your display. Once you get that, send a link or I will google it.


P.S. Send over the display datasheet link or display model number and serial number. I can then look over it. I am sure there are some interesting ideas inside. Oh and did you use config-pin for setting up your pins?

Your request makes little sense since for LCD panels connected directly to the beaglebone there is no auto-detection of any kind (unlike HDMI) hence all of the relevant parameters for the specific lcd panel you’re using need to be configured in the overlay. Whether it uses 16 or 24 data lines is only a small part of that.

As Mala Dies pointed out there are a bunch of overlays you could use as example. Of the ones that use 24-bit color, BB-BONE-NH7C-01-A0.src looks the simplest (although it still includes pwm backlight and an i2c touchscreen).

I also have this DT snippet that documents the various configuration parameters for an LCD panel: