Beagle-Bone Black CNC-Controller-Cape 3D Printer ready BUY or DIY

Hey folks,
I’m just new into Beagle Bone Black and looking forward to build a CNC-Box from scratch.

I also want to use this Controller for 3D printing so it will actually need 3x axis support plus even one or more extruder stepper-motor outputs an also a few PWM Outputs for fan an for sure some temperature sensor I/Os as for the extruder an a heating bed.
It also should come with a high power support for min. one heatbed like the MK2 better i would be able to use two, and it needs high voltage output for min. two hot-ends.

I found a few Creations for the Beagle Bone Black but actually there is nothing to buy and every seen solution just not fit my needs.

So i actually come to this one:

Which will have most of the wanted features and while they make it stackable I would be able to add as many Extruders and Outputs I like.

But even with this solution, if it get’s founded, I would like to have just some more high power switching.

Is their any soluition you would recommend to buy for building my CNC-Box with a Beagle Bone Black.

OR does anyone has a starting point for building my own Solution step by step.
I looked at the chips they use, they are from trinamic motion control and able to get from retailer, so may i could build my own test controller with those chips. I would just need the 3 CNC Axis System for now.
And I also ordered the t-bone board which will become open Hardware but need something for now or for an alternative when it didn’t get successfully founded.

So is anybody interested in building up a breadbord version for 3 axis controll with beagle bone black, based on the trinamic chips: - TMC2660-PA and TMC429-LI ??

May there are some geniuses which could help build it, just cause they can an I don’t :wink:

Any suggestion would be appreciated



Try checking out the CRAMPS board. That might fit part of what you want

Thanks for the tipp, I had a look on that cape but haven’t seen where to buy it.
And as i wrote I’m totaly new in those electronics and will need support or guidence to build a board by myself.

Is there a … for dummies Rescource for building a CRAMPS?

Or if you want a ready to run board, available from stock, make sure to check my BeBoPr++ ! The manual is available online.

-- Bas

Hey Bas,

thanks for your info, but where to buy and what will be the price?

Hallo Markus, I’m selling the BeBoPr++ directly (that way I can keep the price low). A single board costs EUR 84 excluding shipping and VAT where applicable. Two boards go for EUR 153 and so on. Add EUR 69 for every extra board up to 6 per shipment. If you send me an email as instructed on the product page () and include a shipping destination, I’ll quote you the exact costs. I do recommend combining orders or organizing a small group buy to get the best price! Thanks, – Bas

No one is commercially building CRAMPS boards at the moment, but the
how-to-build is on the RepRap Wiki:

...I'm not sure if it's fit for dummies, but there *ARE* a lot of
pictures! :slight_smile:

Perhaps I have no romance in my soul, but when I see a product to which a feature has been added on a whim, which increases the cost without increasing the functionality (the cutesie shape of the board in this case), I question their judgement.

Good concept maybe, but I would not hold my breath for this one.

So i actually come to this one:

Yeah thanks for this, i will have a look on it. Cant be that hard to build my own controller when everyone else can do it.

May that is a good starting point.