Beagle Bone Black with HD camera Cape from Radium boards

Hi all,
i recently bought BBB and HD camera cape for image processing application… from the manual i came to know i have to boot from SD card… BBB was shipped with Debian Linux… radium boards provided a support CD which comprises of src code and Angstrom image for SD card boot… Am a newbie and i tried to boot from SD card… tat was successful but i want to know which of the pins are connected to BBB…kindly help me… Do i want to install toolchain??

how to use those source codes???

RB_HD_Camera_Cape_for_BeagleBone_Black_System_Reference_Manual_A0-01.pdf (1.33 MB)

I wish I could tell you. My design group is having the exact same problem right now. Did you ever figure out about this or get the camera cape working?

I was trying to use USB webcams, but I gave up on the Beaglebone for my image processing and switched to a Raspberry Pi2 and the Pi Noir (no IR blocking filter) camera (5Mpixel). The new Pi3 would be even better as its got a faster processor.