beagle bone for tft on spi + dac on I2C + analog potentiometer


I am planning to start a project based on a beagle bone. I want to ba able to connect a tft display by spi and a microcontroller (DAC) by I2C bus.
The tft display is
I also need to :

  • plug a analog potentiometer
  • drive relays

So what should I need to plug everything ?
I have a level shifter to plug the beagle bone I2C (1.8V I think) on the 5V I2C bus of the dac (adum part).
I have also some opto coupler like TIL111.

Thanks for your help.



Here are some news if it can help other people with the same needs.
My goal currently is to use the angstrom cloud9ide image if it is possible (I need to verify that following stuff is included).

For the tft display I bought the 1.8 tft display from adafruit based on the ST7735 controler.
Luckily Matt Porter developed an spi framebuffer driver for this controler.
The video is here but the sound is not complete :
The ppt is here :
As pointed in the ppt, the level shifter on the tft doesn’t allow to drive the lcd to 16Mhz but there is a hack : disable the cd4050 shifter.
So it should be easy to use this particular tft lcd. I don’t if the driver is in the image but the code is available on github.

Now for the rotary potentiometer linux support it by default :
Now we have to see if it is included in the angstrom cloud9ide image.
It seems from this post that you need to compile a kernel :!topic/beaglebone/ZqFAPecKWsA

Now for the analog potentiometer, it is a really basic use of the board, the caveat is to use 1.8v input voltage which is available from on of the port. It is said to be only a reference but it seems usable (I will use a 50k pot or more).

It seems I2C port is available without specific stuff.
I will try i2cdetect -l to see what is found.

For USB audio, it seems to take a lot of cpu, so there is the workaround to change the config with a kernel compilation.!topic/beaglebone/WiOl_rA-RW8

So it looks promising, I should be able to avoid kernel compilation for basic testing, but for the complete configuration I will need to dive in (OE seems the way to go).
All in all, there is a lot of resources, but it needs some work !

Thanks to all for the useful resources.

Have you done your project?

Hi, im trying to conect a tft 1.8 to beaglebone.
Can you list the couplers and others componentes that you use?

I´m afraid about do some damage the board …

Thank you.