Beagle Bone Green Wireless Automated Irrigation System Project at

My third Beaglebone project is live at

At the above project there is project description, youtube video summary, and link to git repository.
There is extensive documentation in the form of a PDF file.

After slowly going up the learning curve on the embedded GNU/Linux stuff, it was time to make something practical!
I had a decaying mechanical timing system on the side of my house for the irrigation system. It was an obvious target for automation.

The code is mostly Javascript, and it is Node.js based. There are some system calls to the virtual file system to change state of GPIOs to control the hardware.

This uses latest version 8.1.0 Node and also latest Javascript Ecmascript ES6. I am impressed with both, and especially with Ecmascript 6. What a massive improvement in Javascript!!!
I’m also very impressed with the bidirectional WebSocket facility. Very fun to play with that!

Great job to all involved with the Beagle Bone Greens. I’m seeing excellent performance with both hardware and software. The Debian distribution is solid. Thank you!!!

So I now have a Beagle Bone Green Wireless bolted to the side of my house. It is not connected to UPS.
Summer is here and it is going to get baked in sub-tropical sun and humidity.
How long is that poor board going to last???

We shall see!