Beagle Bone not connecting to ubuntu

We had a image of debian in BeagleBone Black. it was giving no space issue on installation of OpenCV. upon looking we found we must use SDCard storage. inserting SD Card didn;t resolved issue, we formatted SD Card via Disk Utility, while SD Card was still in BBB. Now BBB was not starting upon powering up. Only Power LED was turning on.

We suspected that instead of SD Card we formatted internal eMMC storage of BBB. We put new image of Debian in SD Card and booted from SD Card. this time USER0 and USER1 LEDs turned solid on, but no USER2 and USER3 are off.

When we connect BBB with USB, we can see storage which has files we used in BBB when there was no SD Card in it i.e. OpenCV.tar.gz and cmake zip file and folder. There is no network connection, as browsing and ssh is giving Timeout.

we are suspecting issue with eMMC. Please let us know what wrong has happened with our BBB and how we can resolve it.Thanks