Beagle Bone Pocket

Hi guys,

I am newbie here to know more about pocket beagle,

Specifically I see that pocket beagle comes with dual processors Cortex A8 and cortex m3.

Does that mean can I learn & use to code for these both processors(I am referring the register of these processors)? or what does the cortex m3 does in pocket beagle board where A8 seems to be main.

And I am also confused whether I can use other os like ubuntu iot core in pocket beagle or windows iot core or other debian os.

How easy it is to integrate sensors with pocket beagle, (I am referring for local support for capes).

Is it must to use Beagle board capes for pocket beagle or any other could be valid?

The Cortex M3 processor is part of the power control system, and is not available for general purpose user programming.

There are two PRU real time processors which are available for user programming, usually for real time I-O.

As a beginner, I recommend you start with the latest supplied Debian OS.
There are Android and Ubuntu OS, available. No Windows.

The Pocket Beagle is pinned out for use with “Click Boards”. See:

BeagleBone Capes will not mate with the Pocket Beagle connector system.

— Graham