Beagle bone serial console

This may be a naive question but how might I be able to obtain access to BBB J1 connector from a Cape board stacked on it? In other words, how and where should I attach the 3.3V TTL serial console cable that I used with BBB J1 connector when a cape is stacked?

According to:, serial console UART0 from J1 connector is NOT exposed over the 40 pins. Is that correct? If so, what is the alternative to connect to serial console prompt?


Option 1:

Plug in a usb mini cable to the port under the led's..

"/dev/ttyACM0" should show up on your linux desktop;

gtkterm -s 115200 -p /dev/ttyACM0

Option 2:

Or these also work nice:

If you order from boardzoo, don't forget to ping them via email,
sometimes they can be a little slow.. :wink:


When I've had to do this I use clips and clip to RX and GND under the
cape. I haven't had to this in a while though as I can usually just ssh
into the cape over ethernet.


Thanks! I’ll order the part right away.