Beagle Bone System Reference Manual - Source?

I’m wondering if bookmarks and internal links within the PDF formatted Beagle Bone System Reference Manual (“SRM”) would be desirable. Would the source of the manual be in XML, by any chance? And could the source be available? My expertise is in document management and documentation workflow, an esoteric arena found only in large companies that can justify such an expense.

What prompts this is my desire to be able to click the page number in the table of contents and click to the referenced page. I’m not asking someone to do this, rather I’d like to assess the document workflow and perhaps contribute some expertise that would allow automated bookmarking and internal linking. I haven’t addressed this type of stuff (document transformation) for awhile and it may involve more work that I think, so don’t hold me to an offer to do something. I’m hoping the source is in XML.

Document is done in word and source is not available. I need to control this to maintain the integrity of the information. The BeagleBone SRM does have links from the TOC to each page.


I have version 12/16/2011 2:04:01 PM (from the Document Properties) displayed in Adobe Acrobat 9.5.1 and when I place my mouse over the page number (or line text such as “7.12.1 Expansion Header P8”) in the Table of Contents the mouse does not change its icon nor does left clicking cause me to jump to the specified page. I must have an older version of the manual? My mode in Acrobat is either in “select” mode or “page [hand]” mode. Maybe Acrobat reacts differently than Reader? I do not recall having such an inconsistency between Acrobat and Reader before. Can you provide me a URL to the one that has the built-in links?


That is a very old version of the SRM. I suggest you look and see if the latest will work for you.


Confirmed: Rev_A6A does, indeed, have linking in the Table of Contents. Thank you.

My pleasure!