Beagle/Hawk Board Work Shop @ Mumbai

Hi All,

Am thinking to organise a workshop on Beagle/Hawk Board in Mumbai.So looking for the feedbacks from Beagle/Hawkboard users/developers Mumbai and Pune.

I am very much interested...

I am also interested …

Hi All,

Thanks for all of your support.

Am working out the plans , will get back to you soon with the venue, date and topics .

we are preparing the draft of the Agenda.TI is offered extreme support and expecting Khasim and some other experts from TI to deliver some sessions."

Dear Siji,
I am ready to do any kind help in organizing the workshop Mumbai as well as Pune.
If there is any plan to organized in Pune, I can take help of PLUG, PuneTech & other companies.


I am interested preferably in Pune but may join in Mumbai too. It will
depend more on the agenda.
@Amit, I can also join you in helping Siji to arrange it if in Pune.

We would want this thing in Delhi/NCR also. Please Give us a pointer.

Hi All,
The idea is rocking.
But please let me know the following issues:-

  1. What are the topics that is expected to cover
  2. On which version of “BB” the discussion willl be held
  3. Expected schedule

Please let us know the schedule at least 1 month before so that we can arrange aur schedule according…

Take care


Just my opinion:

1. Topics for beginners - How to get started with beagle board, how to
use linux on beagleboard, what are the possible applications using
beagleboard and pointers to start developing such applications.
2. Use Beagleboard XM since it is improved version and having lot of
more features.

Please keep all of us posted about happenings in this regard..

Hi All,

Will get back you soon with the date venue and the topics.

The core objective of the workshop is to bring all the beagleboard hawkboard linux/opensource developers together who’s in Mumbai and Pune(Others also welcome).
So I wont prefer any talks or discussion about basics linux, linux comands etc… :slight_smile:

Yes, we can consider an session about, running various Linux OS with beagle board and Hawkboard.
Also we are trying to add some titles like GUI Programming (QT,GTK/Clutter), DSP programming etc…

So pls wait for some more time, will get back you with some concrete plans for discussion.

HI all,
just would like to add some more topics which we could discuss;-

  1. Porting the Linux & and its steps
  2. How to customize the standard kernel for BB
  3. How to develop tool chain for BB

would like to know what you guys think about above mentioned points ( including that of