Beagle OpenOCD Flyswatter JTAG status


things are going slowly, but making some progress with OpenOCD and Flyswatter JTAG debugging on OMAP3/Cortex A8/Beagle, I'd like to give a short status update. Just in case somebody is interested (and likes to help to further improve?) :wink:

In the last days OpenOCD's Cortex A8 support got some additional patches from Dave, Holger, Magnus and Matt. Some of these are already applied, some not. But applying the pending patches to recent OpenOCD, it's possible to

* halt
* resume
* ARM disassemble
* step
* set breakpoint

for non-Cache and non-MMU applications, e.g. U-Boot. There are still some issues with Cache/MMU applications like Linux kernel.

Build instructions:

Example session:

Discussion of kernel debugging issue:



Just fyi: Magnus wrote a nice intro of Cortex A8 debugging:


Dirk Behme wrote:

Short status update:

- Recent OpenOCD version (>= 2697) now has all pending Cortex A8 patches

- Magnus has a small standalone sample application to let Beagle's LEDs blink, this can be used for GDB testing:



Dirk Behme wrote: