Beagle Takes Spill!

I guess it had to happen sooner or later given how I have my Beagleboard physically located and cabled with respect to my host laptop. I tripped over the serial cable attached to the Beagle in a careless moment and this sent the board, with the Zippy board attached, flying a few feet. I'm sure it had a difficult landing. A quick inspection seemed to show nothing obviously broken, but who knows what damage is hidden to the eye. I anxiously reconnected both boards to HDMI/DVI, Ethernet, and serial cables, got minicom running, and plugged in the power cable. All seems well, there were some USB disconnect messages but after pressing the 5v connector more firmly in the jack and restarting, those seem to have gone.

I was able to log in and use Angstrom fine. The console works.

Is there anything in particular I should watch out for after the unit takes a spill?


Bob Cochran



Try running all the validation tests as described here,