Beagle VGA Board

Is there anyone who use VGA Daughter Board with Beagleboard-xM that is

I have sent email to order this product but they have not replied. How
can I order it ? Is there any schematic design files?

If someone use it, is there any other procedure to get output from
VGA, or is it enough only plug on it BB ?

That’s odd. I recently bought a Beagleboard via the shopping cart and a WLan through asking them for an online invoice. I also spoke to them on the phone and they’re professional. Try, which is the same site/company. Re the board, it says it’s plug and play.


Ok. I will try to connect them via phone
Thank you

This board does not work with the -xM. A new version is in the works that does. The traces needed ot be equalized against the -xM as they we different than the original BB.


They need to correct info on the site then:

This is a daughter board to Beagle C4 and xM,
which can be used as interface board between Beagle and VGA monitors.
Very useful because there is no need to buy a DVI monitor to use Beagle board.
· Easy plug and play board.
· Compatible with all standard VGA monitors.
· No SW drivers required.

it is the newest version, at the product specifications there is this explanation " This is a daughter board to Beagle C4 and xM,"

I agree they need to correct the site.