Beagle -Xm Rev A boot hangs


I had purchased my beagleboard a week back and trying hard to boot it. I am not able to boot my board with 5V power supply shipped along with it. Nothing appears on my screen.

When I try to boot it with USB-OTG my boot hangs up. I dont know why after running u-boot my board agains reverts to X-loader. The SD card I am using is also the one which was shipped with the board. Please help. This is my board’s output on minicom.

There is no power supply that ships with the board. You will need to contact whomever you bought the power supply from for help there. What is the current rating on the power supply?

In some cases, the PC cannot supply enough current to power the board due to the on board USB hub. The HUB along with connected devices can take too much current.