[beagleboard] 1-wire not working

1w didn’t work in that version of Linux. It works in 4.14 if you enable the dtb file in uenv.txt. So I think you’ll have to update.

It looks like it should support multiple devices, but we’re only using one, so I haven’t tried.

Good luck.


The one-wire device appears in a different place now.

Here’s an example I worked up that’s from https://elinux.org/EBC_Exercise_31_Dallas_1-Wire

Reading the DS18B20[edit]

bone$ **cd /sys/class/hwmon/**
hwmon0  hwmon1

Oh, we have two devices here. Let’s see which is which

bone$ __cat */name__

So one is our one-wire temp sensor and the other is a tmp101 sensor. Let’s read ours.

bone$ **cd hwmon0**
bone$ **ls**
device  name  power  subsystem  temp1_input  uevent
bone$ **cat temp1_input**

The 20812 is the temperature in C times 1000, that is, divide this number by 1000 to get the temp in C.