[beagleboard] kernel hang at Starting Kernel... compiling using default config


With the omap3_beagle_defconfig, everything builds correctly but the kernel
is stuck at "Starting Kernel..." with no further messages. I tried this with
the latest codesourcery with -mno-unaligned-access. I have also tried
2.6.36, 2.6.37, kernel sources from omap git, patched openembedded sources,
all of which hangs at the same place.

As far as I know, the 2.6.35 vanilla kernel will not work, exactly
with the behavior you are observing. You could use following patch to
get beagleboard support:


defconfig will work, but it contains xenomai parts as well, but they
will be stripped out with oldconfig.

Origin of this patch is very old Robert (rcn-ee) ubuntu patch.

Hope this helps,