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Hi Robert ,

Robert Nelson <robertcnelson@gmail.com>: Nov 19 09:54AM -0600

> but no Interrupt related to TAP detection and Freefall detection and others.

> i think evtest tool itself following the iNotify framework and Pollfd to monitor and collect the data from device |

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What is the use of this INT_SOURCE and INT_MAP register in ADXL345.
This INT_SOURCE register have different Bits for different types of Interrupt.
These Interrupts are

  1. Data Ready
  2. Single Tap
  3. Double Tap
  4. Activity
  5. Inactivity
  6. Free Fall
  7. watermark
  8. overrun

These bits will set by the device based on the requirements. In Driver ISR routine we are reading this Register to
check which bit is set based on the interrupt bit we will forward the request to the corresponding routine to handle the functionality.

I have already verified this device in OMAP4460 and in OMAP4460 interrupts are generated properly and each functionality was working fine.
When i was trying to port this device in BBB i am not seeing any interrupt except watermark.

As i told i connected ADXL345 externally to BBB pin header using Breadboard. There is no physical mapping of INT1 and INT2 pin with Interrupt controller.

Could you suggest any input on this